About the Poster Art

The First Night poster for 2016 is an original drawing by award-winning illustrator Jane Dyer with design by Alexis Neubert. It was inspired by concepts from "There's A Train Out for Dreamland," a book illustrated by Jane and her daughter Brooke, in which a train "choo-choo-choos" to the skies. The First Night train flying over Northampton celebrates New Year's Eve while giving a special nod to the restoration of rail service to the city a year ago.

"I recall hearing stories of Smith students arriving by train with their steamer trunks when there used to be service to Northampton," says Jane. "After researching images of vintage train posters, I chose to update the train featured on this year's poster to resemble the one that arrives now. In trying to create a 'dreamlike' atmosphere, I used colored pencils, building layer upon layer, for First Night Northampton 2016."

Jane Dyer has lived in Northampton for thirty five years. In that time, she has raised two lovely daughters and illustrated over sixty books, including many New York Times best sellers.

Posters can be purchased for $5 at the Northampton Chamber of Commerce.