About the Poster Art

A creation of professional illustrator Gayle Kabaker, the styled ballerina gracing this year's First Night poster was originally bedecked with flowers. Along came graphic designer Alexis Neubert who, inspired by the Nutcracker's Snow Queen, gave the drawing a digital makeover. Presto! Kabaker's lively and whimsical figure has been transformed into an enticing wintry icon that conveys the magic of First Night.

After graduating from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Gayle Kabaker began her lifelong career as a freelance illustrator. Her work has been used in many ways: fashion and lifestyle editorial, web design, promotion collateral and animation, feminine illustration, logo/icon design, hand lettering and floral paintings – all created digitally whether collage/mixed media, paintings or stylized illustrations.

"I love coming up with solutions to all types of challenges for illustration and design projects," she says. " One of my favorite things to do is to collaborate and make connections – get the right talents together for a project and know that it is the perfect team." This particular team effort is a sparkling tribute to the 30th anniversary celebration of the arts in Northampton.

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